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"United Irish League Secretary Faces Imprisonment for Intimidation and Conspiracy Charges" |

“United Irish League Secretary Faces Imprisonment for Intimidation and Conspiracy Charges”

In Newcastle West on Saturday, Resident Magistrates Messrs. Home and Kelly handed down their verdict in the case of Mr Samuel P. Harris, who serves as the honourable secretary of the East Limerick executive of the United Irish League. Mr Harris stood accused of charges involving the alleged intimidation of Arthur White and others, as well as a conspiracy. The court delivered a sentence of three months’ imprisonment with hard labour for each of these charges, the terms to be served concurrently.

Moreover, the defendant was instructed to provide bail for himself amounting to £50, alongside two sureties each amounting to £25, lest he should face an additional three months of incarceration, this time without the relief of hard labour. During the proceedings, Mr O’Mahony, who represented the defendant, brought to light that Mr Harris held the position of a district councillor. However, he pointed out that, under the Local Government Board Orders, the imposition of hard labour as part of his sentence would result in Mr Harris being stripped of his office for a duration of five years. Despite this revelation, the magistrates were resolute in upholding their decision, leading to an appeal being lodged. Subsequently, Mr Harris was granted admission to bail.

Notably, despite an increased police presence in the town on that day, no disturbances of any kind came to pass. Instead, a cordial reception awaited Mr Harris and his wife, who had accompanied him, as they arrived and departed from Newcastle West.

Manchester Courier – Monday 29 September 1902

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