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"Irish Motoring Prospects, Vigilance in Meat Safety, and Engineers' Strike Settlement" | Limerick Gazette Archives

“Irish Motoring Prospects, Vigilance in Meat Safety, and Engineers’ Strike Settlement”

There is a possibility that Ireland may attract the attention of motoring enthusiasts next year, as Mr Edge’s win in this year’s international race has brought the Cup back to England, increasing the likelihood that the contest will occur in this country. The idea has garnered the support of Mr John Horan, the Limerick County Surveyor, who states that if the Irish route includes the county under his supervision, competitors can rely on his assistance. However, not all local authorities may be as open to endorsing the high-speed automobile races, as the danger to other road users must also be considered.

Elsewhere in Limerick, the local authorities should be commended for their vigilance in ensuring the quality and safety of meat sold within the city. The recent prosecution concerning the sale of diseased meat in Cork demonstrates that public health is of utmost importance, and the authorities are right to prioritize this.

The recent engineers’ strike appears to have been settled, with the workers returning to their posts under the condition that they may choose between piecework or their former weekly wages. This return to peace within the industry is a welcome development. Additionally, leaders of the United Irish League movement in America have invited Messrs. John Redmond, John Dillon, and Michael Davitt to continue their mission, extending the success of their previous two visits and showcasing the widespread support garnered in the United States.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 11 October 1902