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"Limerick Community News: Concern for Mr Flanagan's Health, Carnegie's Generosity, and Promise of Irish Canals" |

“Limerick Community News: Concern for Mr Flanagan’s Health, Carnegie’s Generosity, and Promise of Irish Canals”

As we recount the weekly events of this ancient city of Limerick, we cannot help but bring attention to Mr Flanagan’s condition first, for it is a matter that weighs heavy on the hearts of the people. This man, once a prominent figure in the community, has found himself now a sad victim of Mr Wyndham’s cruel reign. His mental condition continues to cause the keenest anxiety amongst his friends and family, as he is far from any improvement. We fear in his current state, even after four months of solitary confinement, Mr Flanagan is worse than before.

His illness stirs in the hearts of the people a great sympathy for his brother, who has tirelessly watched over him during these long and weary days. The outbreak of fever in the prison has caused some concern, but it must be said that the authorities have found the conditions to be sanitary and clean. This tragedy, thus, can only be attributed to the cruel hand of fate.

As we move beyond this sombre news, there are happier events to recount here in Limerick. Firstly, the generosity of Mr Andrew Carnegie has not gone unnoticed. As a philanthropic millionaire, it is widely believed that he is a man worthy of any honourthat Limerick can bestow upon him. Mayor Barry’s decision to offer Mr Carnegie the freedom of the city is met with great approval, as it is more than fitting for a man who has gifted £7,000 for the establishment of a free library.

Looking towards the future, the building erected in Mr Carnegie’s honourwill serve as a lasting memorial to his munificence. The gratitude of the city’s citizens towards his benevolent act will be forever remembered, as his kindness towards a town to which he had no claim is extraordinary.

Here in Limerick, we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and natural resources, some of which hold untapped potential for the city’s growth. An excellent example is our Irish canals, which have yet to be fully recognized for their value in the industrial development of the country. As Mr A.W. Shaw has pointed out in his able and interesting paper on Irish Canals presented recently at the Chamber of Commerce, Limerick stands to benefit greatly from these waterways, and it is high time we make better use of them.

England has successfully utilized its own canals for transportation, as evidenced by the heavy traffic on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. It is our hope that we, too, can make great strides in water transit, especially with the Shannon River at our doorstep, full of potential for various connections.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 11 October 1902

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