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The Studdert Family’s Connection to Limerick and Irish History – Limerick Gazette

The Studdert Family’s Connection to Limerick and Irish History

The Studdert family, which has gained notoriety in connection with the Irish remounts scandal, belongs to the Williamite aristocracy in Ireland. The family’s patriarch, Rev. George Studdert, was both a man of war and a man of peace, bearing a resemblance to his contemporary, George Walker. Studdert served as a chaplain to William III and accompanied him throughout the entire Irish campaign. As a reward for his services, he was granted extensive lands in County Clare and became Chancellor of the Diocese of Limerick.

While the family initially faced attacks from dispossessed natives, Studdert’s approachable character and skill in field sports eventually earned him popularity throughout his domain. Known for his remarkable strength, he allegedly carried a lame horse for nearly a mile, establishing an early connection of the family with horseflesh.

The Studdert family has retained its Anglo-Saxon bloodline to this day, having never intermarried with native Irish people as other English settlers have done. Their history and influence in Limerick and Irish society remain a noteworthy aspect of Ireland’s past.

Dundee Evening Telegraph – Saturday 20 September 1902