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"Judge Adams Calls for Urgent Reform in Irish Land System Amid Intolerable Delays in Hearings" | Limerick Gazette Archives

“Judge Adams Calls for Urgent Reform in Irish Land System Amid Intolerable Delays in Hearings”

At Limerick Quarter Sessions on Saturday Judge Adams said that the most disgraceful thing in the whole administration of the Irish land system was delays in the hearing of cases by the Land Commission. He further described this as an absolutely intolerable situation. This delay not only caused immense suffering and frustration to the litigants but also reflected poorly on the efficiency and competence of the administration. The judge further emphasized that the Irish land system was in dire need of reform, as it was seriously hampering the progress and development of the nation.

During the session, various individuals came forth to share their harrowing experiences with the Land Commission and the difficulties they faced in their attempts to seek justice. Many expressed hopelessness and despair, stating that they had lost faith in the system and its ability to protect their rights and interests.

Judge Adams, clearly moved by these testimonies, urged the authorities to take immediate steps in order to address the glaring shortcomings in the existing system. He suggested that the Land Commission should be overhauled and its operations streamlined to ensure that cases were heard in a timely manner. Additionally, he called for the introduction of measures that would make the system more transparent, accessible, and accountable to the people.

The judge also stressed the need for the establishment of a specialized tribunal, which would focus exclusively on land-related disputes. This, he believed, would not only expedite the resolution of cases but also create a more equitable and just environment for both landowners and tenants. Moreover, the creation of such a tribunal would serve to relieve the pressure on the existing judicial system, minimizing the chances of delays and backlog.

Judge Adams expressed his deep concern and regret over the current state of affairs, calling it a travesty that could no longer be ignored. He implored his fellow judges, lawyers, and government officials to come together and work collabouratively towards finding a solution to this pressing issue. The judge’s impassioned plea resonated with those present, igniting a renewed sense of urgency and commitment to bring about the much-needed change in the Irish land system.

Morning Leader – Monday 13 October 1902