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“Limerick County Council Embraces Direct Labour Scheme for Road Maintenance, Collaborating with Local Institutions” – Limerick Archives

“Limerick County Council Embraces Direct Labour Scheme for Road Maintenance, Collaborating with Local Institutions”

The Limerick County Council, on September 20th, 1902, took a significant step by adopting a report proposed by the Roads Committee, outlining the implementation of a Direct Labour Scheme for the maintenance of all roads within the county. This move came after carefully considering the County Surveyor’s report on the matter and consulting with both the County Surveyor and Secretary to the Council. The adoption signifies a considerable shift in the approach to road maintenance, ensuring cost efficiencies and streamlined operations.

Influencing this decision was the Irish Land and Labour Association, who presented a resolution during the committee’s meeting. The association urged that pay clerks, steam rollers, or existing contractors should not be employed in the new scheme. Their input played a crucial role in defining the specifics of the proposal, aligning with the interests of the working class and local communities.

The council’s estimates indicate that the yearly expenditure under the Direct Labour Scheme will be on par with the average spending during the last three years under the previous contract system. This comparison suggests that transitioning to a direct labor approach will maintain financial stability while potentially offering enhanced management and control over projects.

The Limerick Municipal Technical Science and Art Schools, a prominent local institution led by Principal and Organising Secretary James Quick, will play an active part in the success of this endeavour. By involving the school in this initiative, the county council aims to leverage its expertise and resources to effectively manage road maintenance initiatives.

In summary, the adoption of the Direct Labour Scheme by the Limerick County Council stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation and improved practices for the county’s infrastructure. The collaboration with the Irish Land and Labour Association and the involvement of the Limerick Municipal Technical Science and Art Schools only serve to strengthen the council’s initiative, ensuring the scheme’s success and eventual benefits for the community.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 07 October 1902