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Beloved Priest from New Zealand Receives Warm Welcome in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

Beloved Priest from New Zealand Receives Warm Welcome in Limerick

The anticipated return of the Reverend Father O’Neill to his birthplace in Limerick is set to be a momentous occasion. The local parishioners of St. John’s are preparing to extend a hearty welcome to Father O’Neill, a beloved priest who hails from New Zealand. His visit to his hometown is a long-awaited event, and the community is eager to convey their deep appreciation for his unwavering dedication and commitment to the Church.

In recognition of Father O’Neill’s remarkable service and the profound impact he has had on their lives, the parishioners have arranged a special presentation. An illuminated address, crafted with care and reverence, will be bestowed upon him. This address serves as a tangible token of the community’s gratitude and admiration for the priest’s tireless work, which has touched the lives of many.

In addition to the illuminated address, Father O’Neill will be the recipient of a set of exquisite vestments, created by the skilled hands of the nuns at the Magdaleu Convent. These beautiful vestments symbolize the reverence and esteem in which Father O’Neill is held, a testament to the deep appreciation of his service not only by the parishioners but also by the broader community.

The people of Limerick take immense pride in their native son, Father O’Neill, who has ventured afar to serve the Church and its congregation. This gesture, expressing their admiration and respect, underlines the strong bonds that persist between Father O’Neill and his birthplace. It is a demonstration of the enduring connection between individuals and their roots, highlighting the profound impact one can have on their community, regardless of the geographical distances that may separate them.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 14 October 1902