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Celebrating Papal Jubilees, Commemorating the Manchester Martyrs, Debating Workhouse Medical Issues, and Reveling in St. John's Boat Club Concerts - All in the Lively City of Limerick. |

Celebrating Papal Jubilees, Commemorating the Manchester Martyrs, Debating Workhouse Medical Issues, and Reveling in St. John’s Boat Club Concerts – All in the Lively City of Limerick.

A discussion on the Women’s Confraternity congratulatory address to His Holiness the Pope on his Papal Jubilee, the celebration of the Manchester Martyrs anniversary, a workhouse medical debate, the entertaining concert by St. John’s Boat Club and much more. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich culture and lively spirit of Limerick, as we dive into stories of heartwarming charity events, enchanting musical performances, and exciting sports tournaments that captivate the city’s residents and visitors alike.

Women and the Papal Jubilee

The members of the Women’s Confraternity of the Holy Family attached to St. John’s, numbering two thousand, recently sent His Holiness the Pope a resolution congratulating him on his Papal Jubilee. The address, beautifully illuminated on thick satin, reflects great credit on Messrs. O’Connor and Son, who prepared it. The Very Rev. Dr Murphy, Rector of the Irish College Rome, presented the address to the Pope at a special audience. With reference to his Holiness, Dr Murphy writes to the Director of the Confraternity, “He took the beautiful fabric in his hands and showed his admiration for it and the manner in which the address was produced. But the Holy Father prized supremely the spirit of devotion symbolized by the address. He commanded me to convey to you, and through you to the Sodality, how gratified he was by this act of filial affection, and he empowered you to give all the members of the Sodality his Apostolic Benediction in his name.”

The Manchester Martyrs

Last Sunday’s celebration of the anniversary of the Manchester Martyrs was well carried out by the committee. The fine weather drew immense crowds to the procession. The oration at the memorial cross in St. Lawrence’s Cemetery was given by Mr Devlin, a Newryman, and was loudly applauded. Mr Sheehy presided, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Donnelly and seconded by Mr Reardon. A special Mass for the repose of the souls of the three heroes was largely attended at the Franciscan, and prayers for their eternal rest were requested at the various Masses in the city churches.

The Workhouse Medical Question

The result of Wednesday’s election at the workhouse represents a victory for the Local Government Board. What is known as “the scheme” was adopted, and three visiting physicians were appointed at a wage of just under 19 shillings and 3 pence per week. Local doctors had initially decided not to accept less than £100 per annum, but, owing to some weakness in medical trade unions, the beggarly stipend was eventually accepted. Two guardians who are strong unionists, Mr James McInemey and Mr Thomas Ryan, acted on principle to vote against the election. Nearly all the city guardians, with one or two exceptions, are in favor of paying a fair salary and having the poor properly attended to. In this, they have the support of the ratepayers. Disappointment has been widely expressed that any doctors were found to work for “half-pay.”

St. John’s Boat Concerts

The concert under the auspices of St. John’s Boat Club filled the large hall of St. John’s Temperance Association last night. The Choral Class opened the event, singing “Let Erin Remember” in Irish, followed by Mr M. Patterson singing “Erin, the Tear” in Gaelic. Mr Donovan sang two songs, and Miss McMahon rendered “Jimmy” in Irish. Mr T. Quinn played tunes on the Irish pipes, and the string band played Irish selections, bringing the first part of the concert to a close. The second half opened with St. John’s Dance Class, followed by Miss McMahon singing “Carrigdhoun” and the Mayor, Mr J.F. Barry, singing “When Shall the Day Dawn in Erin” so well that he had to encore “The Ould Plaid Shawl”. Mr Donovan sang two more songs, followed by Mr Harte. The Oireachtas prize winners closed the first part with their famous eight-hand reel. Masters Greanny and Barry danced earlier in the evening. Another successful concert took place tonight, with Mr Kendrick Irwin and Mr Egan playing the accompaniments.

Cuirm Ceoil Mor

The Limerick Irish Pipers’ Club is scheduled to perform at the Athenaeum next Thursday and Friday nights. The event, “Cuirm Ceoil Mor,” promises to be a significant affair. Among the various attractions are harpist Mr Owen Lloyd; Miss Molly Morrissey, the youngest lady piper in Ireland; traditional Irish signer Mr James Early; Mr Joseph and Miss Teresa Halpin; Professor O. Phelan, who will play the famous “Fox Chase” on the Irish pipes; traditional Irish singer Miss Molly Roche from Cork; Limerick pipers Messrs. J. McDonnell and Quinlan; Mr Hugh O’Neill in Irish dances; Professor Thomas, also on the pipes; Mr J. Flanagan, “Feadghailteorr”; Piobairi Cooleen Dancers; handbell ringers, and more. Tickets can be obtained from club members at the rooms, 4 Rutland Street.

Cupid’s Cunning

“Cupid’s Cunning,” concluded too late on Friday night for notice in this column, is a cleverly written trifle. The lyrics are tuneful, and the music is consistently light and catchy throughout. The piece, with its libretto by Rev. F. Langbridge of Limerick and music by Mr P.J. O’Hara of Sixmilebridge, was produced by local amateurs in a most creditable manner. The entertainment began with a concert, during which several vocalists distinguished themselves. The orchestra was very good, with Mr Kendal Irvin, who conducted, congratulated on giving the public an illuminative snapshot of “Cupid’s Cunning.” At the end of the piece, the Glynn appeared in a pretty dance.

Charity GAA Tournament

The GAA tournament organized by the City Junior Board in aid of the funds for St. John’s Hospital, postponed due to bad weather, will be held at the Markets Field on Sunday, November 21. The postponement entailed further expense, making it all the more necessary that the attendance is large so that St. John’s Hospital benefits as much as possible from the event. The two featured matches, St. Patrick’s vs. Treaty and Castleconnell vs. Claughaun, promise to be well worth seeing, apart from the excellent objective of the promoters.

More Bicycle Boats

Mr Denis Madden writes to say that he plans to build three bicycle boats for the Cork Exhibition: one for six riders, one for four, and one for three riders, each accommodating as many extra passengers as there are riders. Mr Madden also announces that he will pedal down the Shannon on Sunday, and anyone who wishes to see his most recent double boat can do so an hour before high water. This will be his last trip of the year.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 29 November 1902

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