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Daily Express Disagrees with Lord Dunraven's Land Conference Proposal |

Daily Express Disagrees with Lord Dunraven’s Land Conference Proposal

In a recent editorial piece, the Daily Express has expressed its strong disagreement with Lord Dunraven’s proposal to convene a conference on the land question, specifically with County Limerick landowners. The newspaper has voiced its reservations and cautions Lord Dunraven about the potential consequences of such a gathering.

The Daily Express is of the opinion that the individuals Lord Dunraven intends to engage with are not allies but rather declared adversaries of his class. These individuals have made it their life’s mission to challenge and, in some cases, dismantle the landlord interest in Ireland. Their animosity is not limited to the land question alone; it extends to broader issues that encompass their relationship with their land and the empire.

The Irish Independent Applauds Lord Dunraven’s Land Conference Proposal

In a contrasting viewpoint, The Irish Independent has chosen to commend Lord Dunraven’s proposal for a land conference. The publication recognizes the significance of divergent opinions and the complexity inherent in the land question in Ireland.

The Irish Independent celebrates Lord Dunraven’s initiative, acknowledging the need for a platform where differing perspectives can be brought together to engage in a constructive dialogue. It underlines the intricate nature of the land question and the diverse array of issues associated with it, asserting that a conference could provide an opportunity for meaningful discussions and potential solutions to emerge.

Nottingham Evening Post – Thursday 30 October 1902

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