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"Limerick Chronicles: Mixed Success of Technical Classes, Workhouse Medical Appointments, St. Ita's House Reopens, Teaching Gaelic, Butchers' Carelessness, and Cemetery Vandalism" |

“Limerick Chronicles: Mixed Success of Technical Classes, Workhouse Medical Appointments, St. Ita’s House Reopens, Teaching Gaelic, Butchers’ Carelessness, and Cemetery Vandalism”

In recent events in Limerick, there are numerous various aspects and developments in the city, beginning with the surprising failure of technical instruction classes. The lack of interest shows many people are unmotivated to participate. However, the author also mentions a significant meeting that took place with the employer and trade representatives aimed at making technical classes a success.

Workhouse medical appointments are discussed, revealing the bureaucratic inefficiency of the Custom House. The author argues that the newly appointed medical professionals are unnecessary and possibly detrimental to the current system.

St. Ita’s House, a haven for the members of St. Michael’s Women’s Total Abstinence Sodality, is reopening and offering classes, including cookery, needlework, laundry, Irish step-dancing, education, musical drill, and other activities to provide an alternative to street-parading.

The ongoing efforts to promote teaching Gaelic are also mentioned, although attendance numbers declined last session. The importance of patience and perseverance in learning Gaelic is emphasized.

The annual loss due to carelessness in flaying or skinning animals by butchers is discussed. The difference in the quality of hides affects the tanning business and necessitates the import of foreign hides.

Lastly, public opinion condemns a despicable act of vandalism at the Jewish burial ground near the city. The perpetrator remains unknown, but the author advises caution in ascribing blame to any particular group.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 25 October 1902

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