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Limerick Harbour Commissioners to Appoint Dock Night Watchman |

Limerick Harbour Commissioners to Appoint Dock Night Watchman

The Limerick Harbour Commissioners have announced their intention to convene a meeting on Monday, the 20th instant, to appoint a suitable night watchman to oversee the safety and security of the docks. This crucial role will require the appointed individual to conduct vigilant patrols of the docks, a responsibility that extends from 6 p.m. in the evening until 6 a.m. the following morning. The timekeeping for these rounds will be meticulously recorded by a clock.

In addition to the responsibilities of this role, the successful candidate will receive a weekly wage of £1, alongside the provision of a uniform to carry out their duties effectively. The appointment, however, comes with a one-month probationary period, during which the individual’s performance and suitability for the position will be assessed.

Those interested in applying for the role are required to submit their applications by Friday, the 17th instant. These applications should be clearly marked with “Night Watchman.” Furthermore, prospective candidates should be prepared to attend the meeting in person, where the selection process will be conducted.

This notice has been issued by order of John Boyd, the Secretary of the Commission, and signifies the Commission’s commitment to ensuring the safe and secure operation of the Limerick docks. The role of the night watchman is pivotal in maintaining the security and integrity of the docks, and the Commission seeks an individual who is dedicated to upholding these responsibilities.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 14 October 1902

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