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Limerick Man Fights For Life After Alleged Bookmakers' Assault |

Limerick Man Fights For Life After Alleged Bookmakers’ Assault

Trouble brewed in the city of Limerick when a disagreement erupted between a group of bookmakers and several individuals on Queen Street. Patrick Manning, a concerned resident who resides on the same street, entered the fray in an attempt to escort his brother safely away from the escalating conflict.

Unfortunately, during the altercation, it is alleged that the bookies themselves brutally knocked down Manning, causing him to fall on the hard kerbstone. As a result, Manning suffered a severe compound fracture to his thigh, and he was quickly admitted to Barrington’s Hospital in a serious condition.

As his situation worsened due to complications, medical professionals now fear for Manning’s life. The once contentious Queen Street resident lies delirious and fighting for his life within the walls of the hospital. The incident has sent shockwaves through the Limerick community, where residents are demanding answers and justice for Manning.

The identity of the bookmakers involved in the altercation remains unknown. However, authorities are actively investigating the matter, with growing pressure from the community to ensure that those responsible for Manning’s injuries are brought to justice. The incident has raised concerns about public safety and the potential dangers posed by bookmakers operating on the streets of Limerick.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Friday 31 October 1902

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