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Limerick Newspaper Proprietor Imprisoned Under Crimes Act – Limerick Gazette

Limerick Newspaper Proprietor Imprisoned Under Crimes Act

Jeremiah Buckley, proprietor and publisher of the Limerick Leader, faced charges in Limerick today under the Crimes Act for publishing an article on October 22nd that allegedly incited intimidation and conspiracy. The police provided formal evidence of the article’s publication, which focused on the trial and conviction of Samuel P. Harris for a speech made in Knockaderry.

The article reportedly urged the public to follow Harris’ advice, making life difficult for “evicting landlords, emergency men, and grabbers,” but to do so within the boundaries of the law. Mr Moran, solicitor for the defense, explained that Buckley accepted full responsibility for the advice given in the article.

However, the court ruled against Buckley, sentencing him to four months of hard labor, with an additional six months in the event of failing to provide bail for future good behavior. Notice of an appeal was given, and Buckley entered into the required recognizances to appear in court.

The case highlights the tension between freedom of press and limitations imposed by the Crimes Act in Ireland, raising questions about the extent to which newspapers are allowed to express opinions and political viewpoints without facing legal consequences. As the appeal process unfolds, media organizations and proponents of free speech will closely watch how the case progresses and the implications it may have on journalistic freedom in the country.

Nottingham Evening Post – Friday 14 November 1902