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"Limerick's Legacy Entwined in an Enthralling Tale: The Paymaster's Peril Highlights Colonel Ruvigne's Ancestral Connection to Treaty of Limerick" |

“Limerick’s Legacy Entwined in an Enthralling Tale: The Paymaster’s Peril Highlights Colonel Ruvigne’s Ancestral Connection to Treaty of Limerick”

The Limerick-connected story of “The Paymaster’s Peril” has come to light in this month’s Wide World Magazine. The engrossing tale, taken from the diary of the late Colonel Ruvigne by his son, the Marquis Ruvigne, highlights an incident during the Burmese War of 1852-53.

Although Colonel Ruvigne’s surname and Swiss birth may not initially suggest a bond with Limerick, his family’s extensive history in the British Army connects him to the city. His ancestry can be traced back to the Earl of Coningsby, who significantly impacted Limerick’s history when he co-signed the Treaty of Limerick alongside the second Marquis de Ruvigny.

Colonel Ruvigne’s grandfather, Major Ruvigne of the Royal Artillery, not only saved the life of H.R.H. the Duke of Kent at the taking of St. Lucia, but was also the son of Limerick-native, the late Colonel Sir George Morris of the 2nd Queen’s Dragoon Guards, and Sir Barry Denny.

The Paymaster’s Peril story spans multiple generations of Ruvigne’s military service, culminating in the Colonel’s Burmese War experiences. The tale serves as a testament to the family’s passion for the service and their long-standing connection to the city of Limerick. It demonstrates how the heroes of Limerick’s past still resonate today, continuing to inspire and intrigue readers through stories that echo through time.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette – Thursday 23 October 1902

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