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New Magazine “Ireland’s Own” Arrives Shortly In Limerick – Limerick Gazette

New Magazine “Ireland’s Own” Arrives Shortly In Limerick

A new magazine, “Ireland’s Own,” is set to debut in Limerick, bringing readers a world of entertainment for the modest price of just one penny per issue. Launching on November 26, 1902, the publication will arrive on local shelves, with the promise of hours of delightful reading each week.

“Ireland’s Own” aims to captivate its readership with thrilling serials, complete stories, and a wealth of engaging articles covering a diverse range of topics. The magazine’s diverse content ensures that readers will always find something to pique their interest, making it an exceptional value for the cost.

To ensure that you don’t miss an issue of “Ireland’s Own,” consider placing a standing order with your local newsagent, who will ensure that a is available for you every week. By subscribing to this new publication, you’ll not only be the first to explore the fascinating content it has to offer, but you’ll also be supporting a homegrown initiative that seeks to proudly showcase Irish culture and stories.

With the launch of “Ireland’s Own” just weeks away, it’s the perfect time to secure your and join the ranks of readers in Limerick and beyond who are eagerly awaiting this exciting new addition to their weekly reading routine. Don’t miss out on the chance to become a part of this literary adventure that promises to entertain, inform, and inspire both young and old readers alike.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 18 November 1902