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New Postmaster Appointed and Limerick Races Flourish; St. John's Hospital Seeks Support and Abattoir Proposal Considered |

New Postmaster Appointed and Limerick Races Flourish; St. John’s Hospital Seeks Support and Abattoir Proposal Considered

The Limerick Post Office has appointed a new Postmaster following an inquiry into its operations. Alderman Joyce has worked to address issues of understaffing and inefficiency in the department. St. John’s Hospital is seeking greater public support to help reduce its £1,500 debt. The presentation of Rev. James O’Neill highlights his accomplishments in New Zealand. Issues with street maintenance and lighting have been raised, and the appointment of two visiting physicians for the Workhouse Medical Staff has been decided by the Limerick Guardians. There are suggestions of establishing an abattoir in Limerick for sanitary reasons. Finally, the Limerick Committee is proud of their well-attended autumn races, despite inclement weather.

The result of the inquiry into the working of Limerick Post Office has now led to the appointment of a new Postmaster. The issue arose after the previous Postmaster’s resignation on the 15th September, followed by an authorized denial of the same. Despite this, since that date, communications to the public have been signed “Acting-Postmaster,” showing that the retirement had taken place. The growing deficiencies in the department’s service have arisen mainly due to the lack of staff increases corresponding to the growing work volume, leading to reduced efficiency. It is hoped that this will change, and that Alderman Joyce, who deserves praise for his services to the public in this matter, will ensure that the causes of the problem are addressed.

A strong appeal for general support of St. John’s Hospital has been made by his Lordship the Bishop. Many Limerick citizens are known for their generosity and support of good causes, but there are hundreds who could assist institutions like St. John’s Hospital with small contributions. The collection boxes in various shops provide opportunities for people to help, even in a small way, reduce the hospital’s crushing debt of £1,500.

On Tuesday evening, the presentation of the Rev. James O’Neill, Outgo, New Zealand took place, celebrating his achievements at the Antipodes where he demonstrated deep love for the old land. A concert, attended by Father Griffin, Father O’Shea, Father Fitzgerald, Father Lynch, and the Rev. Dr Waters, preceded the presentation.

Regarding the state of Limerick’s streets, the Cleansing Committee needs to maintain the sweepers, especially in older parts of town. There is also the issue of the flagging ripped up for the laying of electric cables and the Corporation’s responsibility for the work. The ratepayers still do not know the additional cost of the scheme but have to deal with uneven and hollow pathways.

The Limerick Guardians, meanwhile, have decided to appoint two visiting physicians, Dr McIntosh and Dr Mulcahy, to the Workhouse Medical Staff. The best arrangement for the poor and for the ratepayers has been reached, and it remains to be seen if the Local Government Board will agree.

Limerick needs an abattoir for sanitary reasons, and despite objections from local victuallers about the distance from the city boundary making proper supervision difficult, it is urged that Limerick must not lag in the march of sanitary science.

The Committee in charge of this week’s races in Limerick have reason to be proud of the autumn fixture, with fine finishes and a large attendance despite the weather.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 18 October 1902

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