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Limerick Citizens Rally to Revive Irish Language and Culture for Independence – Limerick Gazette

Limerick Citizens Rally to Revive Irish Language and Culture for Independence

On Tuesday night, citizens in Limerick attended a lecture on “The Gaelic Tongue” by Rev T. Lee at the Catholic Commercial Club in Dublin. The talk emphasized the importance of reviving the Irish language and promoting Irish culture as a means to achieve Ireland’s independence.

Rev T. Lee highlighted the rich history and heroic achievements of the Irish people in various battles and struggles for independence, citing the accomplishments of Eugene O’Curry and Sarsfield. He appealed to Limerick’s youth to be proud of their city’s history and support the Gaelic language.

Rev T. Lee urged the audience to embrace Irish cultural traditions and reject English customs, which only served to weaken their national identity. He encouraged wearing Irish-made clothing and boycotting English goods to strengthen Irish nationalism and weaken the English economy.

He also lamented the prevalence of English literature in Ireland and encouraged reading authentic Irish journals and local newspapers, such as the Limerick Echo, a staunch supporter of the Gaelic League.

Rev T. Lee emphasized the importance of sobriety and industriousness, suggesting the creation of an anti-treating league to combat alcoholism, which plagued Irish society. He hoped that by promoting the Irish language, emphasizing Irish history, and encouraging the rejection of English influences, the Irish people would unite in pursuit of an independent Ireland.

In summary, Rev T. Lee’s engaging lecture on “The Gaelic Tongue” served as a rallying cry for Limerick residents and all Irish people to embrace their heritage, language, and culture and collaborate in achieving a free and independent Ireland. By connecting with their past, supporting each other, and rejecting English influences, Ireland could forge a unique identity that inspires future generations.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 16 December 1902