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Limerick Council Cracks Down on Thoroughfare Obstruction, Warns of Prosecution – Limerick Gazette

Limerick Council Cracks Down on Thoroughfare Obstruction, Warns of Prosecution

Limerick, The County Borough Council of Limerick has issued a stern warning to individuals obstructing public thoroughfares by displaying animals for sale, particularly on busy Saturdays and market days. Referring to the 10th and 11th Vict., cap. 89, section 28, the Council emphasized that such actions are in direct violation of the law and will result in prosecution.

According to the Act, those found guilty of willfully causing obstruction or interruption to public crossings or thoroughfares face severe consequences. Offenders may be subjected to a fine of Forty Shillings or imprisonment for up to fourteen days. Constables and authorized officers are granted the power to apprehend and bring before a Justice anyone witnessed committing these offenses, without requiring a warrant.

The Council’s decision to reinforce the regulations comes in response to numerous complaints received by the Corporation, highlighting the inconvenience caused by the sale of animals in specific streets. Householders, traders, and residents have expressed their frustration with the hindrances caused by these activities.

To address this growing concern, the City High Constable has been given explicit instructions to rigorously enforce the regulations surrounding thoroughfare obstruction. It is expected that the strict implementation of these measures will alleviate the disturbances experienced by the public.

W.M. Nolan, the Town Clerk, underscored the Council’s commitment to maintaining the smooth functioning of public spaces and ensuring the convenience and safety of citizens. The announcement serves as a firm reminder that the Council will not tolerate any actions that impede the free flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the city.

The County Borough Council of Limerick urges all residents and vendors to familiarize themselves with the relevant legislation and to cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities. By adhering to the regulations, individuals can contribute to the preservation of public order and a more harmonious urban environment.

As the Council intensifies its efforts to uphold the law, citizens are encouraged to report any incidents of obstruction or other violations to the appropriate authorities, fostering a sense of collective responsibility in maintaining the integrity of Limerick’s thoroughfares.

The Council’s unequivocal stance sends a clear message that obstructing public spaces will not be tolerated, and those found guilty will face legal consequences. Limerick’s streets are poised to regain their functionality and allow residents and visitors to navigate them unhindered, promoting a more seamless and enjoyable urban experience for all.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 09 December 1902