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Limerick Dancers and Singers Save Tullamore Gaelic Concert and Lift Spirits of Imprisoned MP in Inspiring Display of Talent and Unity | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Dancers and Singers Save Tullamore Gaelic Concert and Lift Spirits of Imprisoned MP in Inspiring Display of Talent and Unity

Hugh O’Neill’s prize dancing party, which consists of several lively and talented performers, recently appeared in Athlone at a concert organized by the Rev P. Forde. Although the concert faced its difficulties due to several initial failed engagements, O’Neill’s party managed to save the event by offering their services to repair all defects. The concert was subsequently a great success, and the Limerick visitors held the stage for most of the show.

The concert featured an interesting mix of song and dance performances, highlighting the best of Irish culture and heritage. The Limerick visitors, led by Mr Hugh O’Neill, displayed exceptional talent and captivated the audience throughout the entire event.

One of the standout aspects of the show was the exceptional performances by popular Limerick songstresses Misses B McMahon and A Hartigan. The duo sang four Gaelic songs each as well as appearing with the dancers on multiple occasions. Their incredible voices and presence on stage had the audience mesmerized, with several attendees demanding encores of the eight-band and four-band reels.

The concert served as a reminder of the importance and beauty of Gaelic culture. Despite the initial setbacks, the event turned into a massive success, largely thanks to the efforts of Mr O’Neill and his talented group of performers. Their dedication and passion for the Gaelic movement shone brightly throughout the night and left a lasting impression on the people of Athlone.

While traveling back from Athlone after the concert, the Limerick party was joined by Mr J Roche, an MP for East Galway who was proceeding under police escort to Tullamore jail. Roche had been sentenced to serve time for an unspecified offence. Members of the party were introduced to Roche by Alderman Joyce, the city member, and the lively group provided much-needed entertainment to the politician during the journey.

Misses M’Mahon and Hartigan, along with the rest of the party, sang a variety of Gaelic songs and even some revolutionary tunes. This outpouring of support for Roche and defiance against the powers attempting to silence him greatly affected the MP. He expressed his deepest gratitude to the performers for their kindness and for entertaining him during his transit to Tullamore.

Upon arrival at Tullamore, Roche delivered a heartfelt address to the Limerick party, thanking them once more for their kindness in keeping his spirits up. He went on to say that his Christmas in the gloomy Tulamore jail would be brightened by the memory of the talent and spirit he witnessed from the women of Limerick during his journey. Alderman Joyce also expressed his pride in his fellow Limerick citizens and their unwavering support for their Irish brethren.

The members of Mr O’Neill’s party who participated in this trip included Misses M. Manahan, Hartigan, King, and Clancy, as well as Misses O’Neill, Morrison, Richardson, and O’Donovan. The resilience and prowess displayed by these remarkable individuals served as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the people of Limerick and the Gaelic movement as a whole.

As the Gaelic League and the people of Limerick continue to push for the promotion of Gaelic culture and language, events like this concert serve as a reminder of the strength, unity, and passion that can be found within the Irish community. The unwavering support for their fellow Irishmen truly embodies the spirit of the Gaelic League and its mission, and the success of the concert sends a powerful message that the Gaelic movement will continue to thrive.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 23 December 1902