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Limerick's Irish Drapers Assistants Benefit and Protective Association Quarterly Meeting | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick’s Irish Drapers Assistants Benefit and Protective Association Quarterly Meeting

The quarterly assembly of the Irish Drapers Assistants Benefit and Protective Association, Limerick Branch, took place last Wednesday under the stewardship of Mr E. Davuy, who served as the Chairman of the branch. The gathering proved to be well-attended, with members converging to deliberate upon various pertinent matters that pertain to their collective interests.

Mr Davuy, in his capacity as Chairman, took the opportunity to underscore the significance of each member’s familiarity with the Association’s rules. This, he posited, is fundamental in ensuring that every individual comprehends their respective roles and responsibilities within the organisation. Additionally, he extended an assurance that the Association remains committed to conducting its affairs in a manner that avoids any form of aggression towards employers in the drapery industry.

An innovative and progressive development emerged during the meeting, as a group of young ladies were formally introduced as the latest additions to the Association’s membership. This announcement was met with an outpouring of enthusiastic applause, reflecting the spirit of unity and inclusion among the assembly.

The meeting, at its culmination, gave rise to a unanimous resolution. This resolution, which bore the imprimatur of the entire assembly, served to reinforce the mission of the Association – namely, the safeguarding of benefits and protection accorded to drapery employees. It stands as a testament to the unity and shared purpose of the members.

For those professionals in the drapery industry in Limerick who have not yet availed themselves of the opportunity to join this esteemed Association, there is an unequivocal call to action. Without delay, they are encouraged to consider the advantages of becoming a part of this collective effort.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 23 December 1902