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"Queries Arise Over Payment for Doctors' Substitutes during Limerick Guardians Meeting" |

“Queries Arise Over Payment for Doctors’ Substitutes during Limerick Guardians Meeting”

A recent meeting of the Limerick Guardians, with Mr Patrick presiding as Vice-Chairman, saw a significant discussion revolving around the payment of doctors’ substitutes. Dr John Coffey Ryan’s request for a remuneration of three guineas for a locum tenens who stepped in while he attended the Assizes in Cork as a witness for the Crown acted as the catalyst for this deliberation. It prompted questions regarding the Guardians’ liability in shouldering the costs associated with temporary replacements for medical practitioners.

In the course of this discussion, Captain O’Brien brought to light a recent case involving Dr Sproule in Londonderry. In that particular instance, the Local Government Board issued a statement indicating that the sum paid to a substitute doctor could potentially be deducted from the primary doctor’s salary. However, it was emphasised that this decision applied to a private case and may not serve as an overarching precedent.

The matter was further complicated by inquiries regarding whether the Treasury would extend assistance by covering half of the expenses involved. Mr H.J. Guinane, serving as the Clerk, offered clarification on this front. While denying the possibility of Treasury assistance, Mr Guinane mentioned that there was an ongoing legislative process. This proposed legislation, when enacted, would empower the Local Government Board to recover half of the costs associated with temporary substitutes in the future. In the end, the claim made by Dr Ryan for the remuneration of the locum tenens was permitted, albeit with further questions left unanswered.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Monday 22 December 1902

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