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Proposal for Boot Manufacturing Industry in Limerick |

Proposal for Boot Manufacturing Industry in Limerick

During a meeting of the Technical Education Committee, chaired by Reverend A. Murphy, Mr E.J. Long put forth a proposal to start a boot manufacturing class in Limerick. The idea was to use machinery for producing the boots. The suggestion was to provide the class with a small set of machinery, connected to the Christian Brothers’ schools, in order to establish a foundation for a new industry in Limerick. This approach would ensure trained labour through the class. Local firms could supply the necessary materials for manufacturing, and the finished products could be sold thereafter.

Mr Long requested the committee’s secretary to contact the Cork Technical Committee for more information on how such a class was operated in Cork. However, Mr Quick mentioned that he already had the required information, stating that the Lee Boot Manufacturing Company supplied the materials in Cork.

Mr Barrington expressed the opinion that starting a new industry fell outside the committee’s jurisdiction and should be initiated by merchants themselves. Mr Nash recalled that the late Mr Nevins had a similar plan in mind.

Mr Long proposed that the boots could be partially made using machinery and partially by hand, allowing people to complete the boot assembly at home. The main question raised was whether there was a likelihood of such an industry being started. Mr Guinane suggested that Mr Long could take the initiative in starting the industry.

Amidst some discussion, it was decided to adjourn the matter for the time being.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 December 1902

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