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Violent Clash Erupts After Hurling Match: Assault on Police Officers – Limerick Gazette

Violent Clash Erupts After Hurling Match: Assault on Police Officers

A Gaelic Athletic Tournament held at the Limerick Markets Field enclosure on Sunday night took a disturbing turn when a serious row broke out following an inter-county hurling match. The hurling team from Castleconnell faced defeat at the hands of their counterparts from Tulla, County Clare.

Approximately three hours after the match concluded, a group of men, armed with hurleys, engaged in a quarrel near the head of William Street, prompting police intervention. Subsequently, the brawlers, accompanied by their Castleconnell supporters, paraded through several prominent streets, causing a commotion and displaying disorderly behavior.

Keenly observing the situation, the police maintained a watchful eye on the group. As the hurlers reached Catherine Street, a contingent of constables from the William Street police barracks arrived and proceeded to arrest some of the main instigators. At this point, a crowd of about two hundred people had gathered, although the disorderly conduct was predominantly attributed to the rural individuals. Remarkably, the citizens’ sentiment toward the constabulary remained distinctly amicable.

One arrested individual had to be released due to the level of violence exhibited. Sergeant Brenvan of William Street, while attempting to secure a prisoner, sustained a forceful blow to the head from a hurley. Fortunately, his helmet protected him, and his injuries were confined to a scalp wound. Constable Casey also received a head injury from a hurley, but it was not severe.

Ultimately, the police made five arrests, all of whom hailed from the Castleconnell district. The detainees were transported to the William Street barracks and appeared before Mr Ambrose Hall, JP, on Monday morning. The names of the accused are John Carroll, Michael Carroll (brothers), William Galligan, Martin Galligan, and Michael Browne.

After reviewing the depositions presented in the case, Mr Hall granted bail to the accused, except for John Carroll, who is expected to face charges for his involvement in the assault on Sergeant Brenvan. The bail required two sureties of £5 each for each accused, and their recognizances were duly recorded. It is anticipated that the police will summon others implicated in the incident.

The unfortunate clash that unfolded after the hurling match has cast a shadow over the otherwise joyous sporting event. Authorities are determined to bring all responsible individuals to justice, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining peace and civility during public gatherings.

As investigations continue, the community eagerly awaits further developments in this case, hoping for a swift resolution and a renewed commitment to sportsmanship and harmony within the local sporting community.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 09 December 1902