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Malicious Injury Compensation Claim Dismissed in Limerick |

Malicious Injury Compensation Claim Dismissed in Limerick

In a recent compensation case, an individual, identified only as Tuesday, applied for £400 in compensation for the loss incurred after their hay shed, thatched stable, and walls were set on fire on the night of October 18th or early hours of October 19th. The case involved several legal representatives from different parties, including Limerick County Council and the Rural Council.

Witness testimonies were given regarding the value of the destroyed property, and the applicant stated they were generally popular in the district. However, they admitted to not being on friendly terms with the Connor family since July. Further evidence from the wife, father, and servants of the applicant and from D.I. Horrigan, a police officer, was also presented. Horrigan confirmed the applicant’s good character and believed the arson to be deliberate, rather than accidental.

In opposition to the application, evidence was brought forth that the Connor family were popular in the area, and the people suspected of setting the fire had no animosity towards the applicant. Subsequently, the judge dismissed the application due to insufficient evidence of malice.

Kerry News – Wednesday 21 January 1903

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