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Political Prisoners In Tralee: MP Mr M.J. Flavin Visits Tralee Prison – Limerick Gazette

Political Prisoners In Tralee: MP Mr M.J. Flavin Visits Tralee Prison

On Thursday, Mr M.J. Flavin, MP, visited Tralee prison to check on the well-being of two political prisoners – Mr S.M. Harris, who is serving a six-month prison sentence for a speech delivered in Limerick, and Mr Sheehan, a bail prisoner. MR. Flavin found Mr Harris to be in excellent health, as his cheery disposition enables him to cope with the monotonous prison life.

During his visit, Mr Flavin also met with Mr Sheehan, who informed him that the reported settlement of his case was in fact inaccurate, as his consent was only provided conditionally. He remains a steadfast and resolute figure, awaiting the conclusion of his case.

Since the political prisoners were first confined at Tralee, Mr Flavin has been visiting the prison at regular intervals to monitor their welfare and provide them with essential reading materials, including books and newspapers. His visits serve to support and uplift the spirits of the prisoners during their trying times.

This act of kindness by Mr Flavin highlights the significance of solidarity among political prisoners and their supporters in the struggle for justice and freedom of expression. His presence also serves as a reminder of the fact that even though they may be behind bars, the voices of these prisoners and the issues they advocate for are not forgotten.

Kerry News – Friday 02 January 1903