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Teen Charged with Railway Outrage in Limerick after Placing 15lb Stone on Tracks |

Teen Charged with Railway Outrage in Limerick after Placing 15lb Stone on Tracks

Today, the Limerick Stipendiary Magistrate heard evidence in a case involving a 15-year-old boy, Cornelius McCarthy, who has been charged with placing a stone weighing 15 pounds on the Great Southern and Western Railway line. The potentially dangerous act could have caused catastrophic consequences, putting train passengers and railway workers at risk.

In response to the alleged offence, authorities arrested McCarthy and brought him before the court to present the evidence gathered in the case. It has been reported that numerous witnesses saw the teenager place the heavy stone on the tracks. While the motive behind his actions remains unclear, it is speculated that the defendant may have intended to cause a derailment or other train-related incident.

The placement of such a heavy object on the railway could have caused significant damage to the train and its passengers. The incident has resulted in increased safety precautions being enforced by the railway company, ensuring that similar acts do not occur in the future.

During the proceedings, the magistrate considered the evidence against McCarthy and reviewed the severity of the act. As a result, the accused teenager was remanded on bail, which signifies that the court considered his offence a matter of significant concern and requires further investigation.

As the case continues, Limerick residents await the outcome and the subsequent measures to ensure the railway’s safety and prevent any acts of sabotage in the future.

Lincolnshire Echo – Wednesday 07 January 1903

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