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Cousins Acquitted of Homicide Charges at Limerick Assizes – Limerick Gazette

Cousins Acquitted of Homicide Charges at Limerick Assizes

James and Michael Normoyle stood trial on Saturday at Limerick Assizes, indicted for the homicide of John Dillane of Glin. The incident occurred last October when an object was flung into Dillane’s house, causing fatal injuries to the victim. This followed Dillane’s attendance at the auction of a farm’s meadowing in August, where the relatives of the accused had previously been evicted.

Dr McDonnell testified about an interview he conducted with Dillane before the man’s death. As per Dr McDonnell, Dillane later retracted his statement that identified the accused as his assailants. However, the witness failed to mention this interview in his earlier deposition before the magistrates, leading the judge to dismiss Dr McDonnell from the witness table.

Ultimately, the Normoyle cousins were acquitted of the homicide charges, emphasizing the fair and impartial legal proceedings of Limerick Assizes. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of due process in upholding justice and preserving the rights of the accused in a court of law.

Northampton Mercury – Friday 13 March 1903