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Local Government Arbitration Held for New Road Construction in Abbeyfeale | Limerick Gazette Archives

Local Government Arbitration Held for New Road Construction in Abbeyfeale

Abbeyfeale, Tuesday – Yesterday, an arbitration court of inquiry, led by Mr Llewellyn L. Meyrick of Dublin, was held at the Courthouse. This marked the first such event in the area, aimed at estimating compensation for those affected by a new road construction at Port. Mr William Leahy, Crown Solicitor of Limerick, represented the County Council, while Mr Daniel Leahy appeared on behalf of landowner Denis H. O’Brien of Port.

O’Brien argued that the new road would pass through his best field, removing an essential source of protection for his cattle. He claimed damages estimated at £120. County Surveyor John Horan estimated the damage to be around £330, including £25 as the value of the land and an allowance of £5 for planting.

As part of his argument, Horan stated that over 200 feet of the shelter used for cattle would remain, and the loss would not be as severe as O’Brien claimed.

O’Brien, however, maintained his estimated amount of £120, claiming that £70 was for the loss of the haggard and £50 for the removal of the shelter for his cattle and horses. At the end of the hearing, Meyrick visited the land in question at Port to assess the situation further.

The outcome of this arbitration will have a significant impact on the compensation and construction of the new road project involving Abbeyfeale and Listowel. Local residents and business owners are eagerly awaiting the court’s decision.

Kerry News – Wednesday 04 March 1903