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Manchester Shipowners Face Legal Action for Alleged Breach of Charter Party |

Manchester Shipowners Face Legal Action for Alleged Breach of Charter Party

Judge Parry presided over a case at the Manchester County Court, where the Limerick Steamship Company Limited filed a lawsuit against the Manchester Coasting and General Steamship Company Limited, seeking damages for an alleged breach of charter party. The judge only had to consider the questions of law and fact due to a prior agreement that any damages to be assessed would be referred to assessors.

In their claim, the Limerick Steamship Company stated that they had chartered a steamship from the defendants for carrying merchandise to Ireland and were provided with the Dolphin steamer. However, upon attempting to load the ship, it was discovered that the vessel had recently carried petroleum, leaving a strong odor. Given that the new cargo included flour, the plaintiffs were unable to use the ship, causing a delay.

The defendants argued that they were not responsible for the delay, and due to the information they possessed, they were not entitled to ship sensitive cargo such as flour, which would inevitably be affected by the petroleum odor.

Judge Parry ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, dismissing the defendants’ counterclaim for a loss on the chartered freight. This case highlights the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability in shipping contracts, as well as appropriate measures for ensuring safe transportation of delicate cargo.

Manchester Evening News – Friday 27 March 1903

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