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Unprecedented Floods Devastate West Limerick – Limerick Gazette

Unprecedented Floods Devastate West Limerick

Abbeyfeale experienced its worst floods in half a century due to the heavy, incessant rainfall on Sunday and Monday. Rivers Feale, Ooulagh, and Ooulaghaun swelled to unprecedented levels, causing mass destruction and severely disrupting daily life. Several houses near the railway were flooded, forcing the residents to evacuate – an occurrence never recorded before in the area, even during the highest floods.

In addition, the Tralee train service was completely blocked due to the submersion of a portion of the railway near Lixnaw, on the Kerry side of the line. The floodwaters also destroyed the road bridge at Moynsha, leaving the roadway impassable. The Feale Valley was entirely filled with water, causing significant damage to road waterways and early plantings.

The extreme weather conditions continued with snowfall following the rain, while the cold and showers persisted, marking an unusually harsh spring season. The flooding has posed serious challenges for local farmers, many of whom have been severely impacted by the adverse conditions throughout the past month, delaying their spring operations. With Abbeyfeale facing these unprecedented floods, the community must now face both short-term challenges and potential long-term consequences.

Kerry News – Wednesday 25 March 1903