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“Limerick Technical Education: Crucial to Competing with Industrial Britain” – Limerick Archives

“Limerick Technical Education: Crucial to Competing with Industrial Britain”

A recent conference held in Limerick focused on the attendance levels at local technical education classes, and how these are essential for the town’s youth to keep pace with the industrial advancements of neighboring Britain. Mr S. Lee expressed disappointment at the lack of young people taking advantage of the technical classes provided.

Father Murphy identified a significant issue hindering the success of these classes: the apathy of both employers and employees. He emphasized the need for cooperation between the employers and the education committee, and dispelled the false impression that technical education was a form of apprenticeship.

With increasingly competitive global industries, it’s crucial for Ireland to create a skilled workforce by encouraging its youth to attend technical schools. Irish natives should prioritize their education and personal development over more leisurely pursuits to better equip themselves against foreign competition.

By addressing these concerns and striving for higher attendance in technical education courses, Limerick and Ireland as a whole can improve its future prospects and ensure a solid foundation for its youth in the evolving industrial landscape. It is essential that all involved parties, including employers, employees, educators, and the community at large, understand the importance of technical education and rally together to inspire Irish youngsters to take advantage of these opportunities.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 30 May 1903