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Limerick - Thomond Artisans' Co. Limited Invites Tenders for Cottage Construction |

Limerick – Thomond Artisans’ Co. Limited Invites Tenders for Cottage Construction

Thomond Artisans’ Co. Limited, a reputable organization based in Limerick, is excited to announce a new project that aims to enrich and expand the city’s residential areas. The company is currently seeking experienced and capable contractors to join the bidding for a unique opportunity to construct cottages on a prominent site on Nicholas Street.

To participate in this competitive tender, interested parties should submit their bids and comprehensive proposals to the company by 12 PM sharp on the first day of the upcoming month. Please be advised that obtaining copies of the required plans and specifications comes with a minor fee of five shillings.

For further information and inquiries, potential applicants can contact the Thomond Artisans’ Co. Limited secretary, Mr John F. Power. Mr Power’s office is conveniently located on Cart-street, where he is readily available to answer questions and provide assistance throughout the application process.

This distinctive project of constructing cottages in the heart of the city provides an exceptional opportunity for local construction businesses to showcase their expertise and demonstrate their commitment to enhancing the urban landscape and improving the quality of life for Limerick residents. The successful contractor will not only benefit from the financial rewards associated with the project but also contribute to the ongoing development, growth, and modernization of the Limerick housing community.

Thomond Artisans’ Co. Limited looks forward to receiving and reviewing competitive tenders and working closely with the chosen contractor to bring this vision of affordable, high-quality cottage living to life on Nicholas Street.

Manchester Courier – Friday 15 May 1903

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