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Limerick Chamber of Commerce Unanimously Adopts Address Welcoming Royal Visit to Ireland – Limerick Gazette

Limerick Chamber of Commerce Unanimously Adopts Address Welcoming Royal Visit to Ireland

Limerick, June 22, 2023 – In an extraordinary display of unity and loyalty, the Limerick Chamber of Commerce has unanimously adopted an address extending a warm welcome to the King and Queen on their upcoming visit to Ireland. The decision reflects the overwhelming sentiment of the business community and residents alike, who believe that the royal visit will further strengthen and intensify the deep bonds between Ireland and the monarchy.

The address, which was carefully crafted and unanimously endorsed by the Chamber, highlights the profound respect and admiration the people of Limerick hold for the King and Queen. It emphasizes the historical significance of their visit, acknowledging the positive impact it will have on fostering closer ties between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The Chamber believes that the royal visit will bring numerous opportunities for economic growth and cultural exchange. Local businesses are eagerly anticipating the boost in tourism and trade that such a high-profile event will undoubtedly bring to Limerick and the wider region. It is expected that the visit will also serve as a catalyst for further investment and collaboration between Irish and British enterprises.

As preparations are underway to ensure a memorable visit, the Chamber encourages residents to embrace the spirit of hospitality and extend a warm welcome to the royal guests. With the unanimous adoption of the address, Limerick has exemplified its unwavering commitment to fostering positive relations and embracing opportunities for progress and unity.

Western Times – Friday 03 July 1903