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Limerick Juries Warmly Welcome Royal Visit To Ireland |

Limerick Juries Warmly Welcome Royal Visit To Ireland

The juries at the Limerick Summer Assizes made their sentiments known yesterday as they unanimously adopted resolutions expressing heartfelt satisfaction and extending a cordial welcome to the King and Queen of the upcoming Royal visit to Ireland.

The unanimous adoption of the resolutions by the Limerick juries signifies the deep sense of appreciation and joy within the community as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their Majesties. The people of Limerick warmly welcome the opportunity to host the distinguished royal couple and extend their hospitality with open arms.

The resolutions serve as a testament to the genuine enthusiasm and support that resonates throughout Limerick. The city eagerly awaits the momentous occasion, embracing the opportunity to showcase its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm Irish spirit to their Majesties.

The forthcoming Royal visit holds great significance for Limerick, as it strengthens the enduring ties between Ireland and the United Kingdom. The city recognizes this visit as an opportunity to foster unity, friendship, and mutual respect, symbolizing the deep connections between the two nations.

With heartfelt satisfaction and a cordial welcome, the juries at the Limerick Summer Assizes have expressed the collective sentiment of the city. Limerick stands ready to greet their Majesties, ensuring an unforgettable experience during their visit to this cherished Irish city.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 07 July 1903

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