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The Limerick Industrial Association: Uniting for Irish Manufactures and Protecting Local Interests |

The Limerick Industrial Association: Uniting for Irish Manufactures and Protecting Local Interests

In a recent circular from the Limerick Industrial Association, an organization formed following a public meeting convened by the Mayor and Mr A. W. Shaw, several resolutions were highlighted. One of the key resolutions emphasized the necessity for unified action among manufacturers, merchants, and representatives of various associations in supporting Irish manufactures. Consequently, the association was established, bearing the name “The Limerick Industrial Association.”

Addressing concerns about the supply of foreign-manufactured goods instead of Irish-made products when the latter are sought, the association recommended that Irish manufacturers create an association to safeguard their interests. Furthermore, the circular strongly urged Irish manufacturers to brand their goods distinctly with an Irish mark, enhancing the recognition and authenticity of locally produced items.

The association’s constitution outlines provisions for the affiliation of societies, clubs, and institutions to the association. It establishes a General Committee responsible for governing the association, comprising representatives from manufacturers, merchants, shopkeepers, as well as at least one representative from each affiliated society, club, or institution.

The formation of the Limerick Industrial Association signifies a concerted effort to promote Irish manufactures and protect local interests. By fostering collabouration and advocating for the use of distinctive Irish branding, the association aims to ensure the availability and recognition of Irish-made goods in the market.

Further details and information about the association’s activities and initiatives can be obtained from the circular and by engaging with the Limerick Industrial Association directly.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 25 July 1903

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