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"Thousands of Roman Catholics March in Limerick to Honor the Late Pope Leo XIII" |

“Thousands of Roman Catholics March in Limerick to Honor the Late Pope Leo XIII”

On the notable occasion of the death of Pope Leo XIII on July 20, 1903, approximately seven thousand Roman Catholics in Limerick participated in a march that began at the Redemptorist Church and concluded at St. John’s Cathedral. The purpose of this march was to pay tribute to the late Pope and to honourhis memory.

The march served as a solemn and respectful display of mourning and gratitude for the Pope’s leadership and contributions to the Roman Catholic Church. It provided an opportunity for the Catholic community to come together, united in their reverence for the Pope and his spiritual guidance.

As the participants reached St. John’s Cathedral, a Mass was conducted in a solemn and dignified manner to honourPope Leo XIII. The Mass included the singing of hymns and prayers dedicated to the late Pope, creating an atmosphere of deep reverence and reflection.

Such marches and commemorative events hold great significance for the Roman Catholic community, allowing them to express their devotion, gratitude, and remembrance for their spiritual leaders. By coming together in unity, they pay tribute to the profound impact the Pope had on their faith and acknowledge his legacy.

It is worth noting that the given information specifically refers to the death of Pope Leo XIII and the subsequent march and Mass held in Limerick. The details provided pertain to this particular event, which took place on July 20, 1903.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette – Tuesday 28 July 1903

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