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Tiebreaker Foot Race Decides Glin School Board Chairmanship |

Tiebreaker Foot Race Decides Glin School Board Chairmanship

Glin, County Limerick, June 22, 2023 – In a rather unconventional turn of events, a tiebreaker foot race was proposed and accepted to decide the chairmanship of the Glin School Board. The election between two candidates had resulted in an equal number of votes, causing uncertainty as to whether the temporary chairman had cast a deciding vote. Faced with the impasse, an unexpected suggestion from the board’s solicitor, a former honourary secretary of the Limerick Coursing Club, breathed new life into the situation.

With both candidates, known as the Richmonds, consenting to the proposal, a thrilling foot race ensued. Spectators eagerly gathered to witness the outcome of this unorthodox competition. The leading Richmond was well ahead when fate intervened, causing him to stumble and fall. This unexpected turn of events allowed his opponent to seize victory and claim the chairmanship, while the fallen runner received the consolation prize of the vice-chair position.

The lighthearted nature of this race demonstrated the Irish spirit of finding enjoyment even in unexpected circumstances. The decision to settle the tie with a physical challenge showcased the unique sense of humor and camaraderie present in the local community.

While the outcome may have disappointed the initial frontrunner, both candidates and the Glin School Board can now move forward, knowing that the chairmanship has been settled in a manner that brought a touch of excitement and good-natured fun to the proceedings. The incident will likely be remembered as a lighthearted footnote in the history of the Glin School Board and a testament to the Irish knack for finding humor and enjoyment in unexpected situations.

Morning Leader – Monday 06 July 1903

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