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A Fortunate Tramp’s Discovery in Limerick – Limerick Gazette

A Fortunate Tramp’s Discovery in Limerick

A young man from the tramp class found himself on a journey from Croom Union workhouse to Limerick, passing through Croom and Rossbrien. Seeking shelter from a heavy rain shower near Rossbrien graveyard, he took refuge behind the wall of an old, roofless house. Like many tramps, his curious eyes began to wander around the dilapidated ruins, wondering about its former inhabitants and any potential hidden treasures within.

His attention was drawn to a hole near the old chimney, a common feature in such houses. In the hole, he stumbled upon an old pipe and noticed that some of the stones or mud lumps appeared loose. Intrigued, he began scraping away the loose material with an old knife. To his astonishment, a large piece of the chimney fell away, revealing a hidden opening. Securely tied within an old woolen stocking, he discovered a significant sum of money, rumored to be around €140 in gold.

Without hesitation, the fortunate tramp swiftly left the old house and made his way to Limerick. Upon arrival, he treated himself to some refreshments, purchased new clothes, and promptly obtained a ticket for Cork, his presumed hometown. Along the journey from Limerick to Cork, he shared his incredible stroke of luck with an old acquaintance, who subsequently spread the news far and wide. Consequently, tramps can now be seen scouring and exploring every old house they encounter during their travels between workhouses.

While some may consider the discovery of such a large sum of money a product of an imaginative mind, the account has been received by many in County Limerick as a credible and truthful occurrence. In fact, a popular belief exists in certain parts of the county that numerous old ruins hold buried fortunes, leading to various intriguing tales of treasure seekers and their narrow escapes from the guardians of these hidden riches. Remarkably, the fortunate tramp in this particular case appears to have encountered no opposition from the unknown realms guarding the treasure.

The story of the fortunate tramp’s discovery has ignited a sense of wonder and excitement, capturing the imagination of locals and prompting a newfound interest in exploring old ruins throughout the region. Whether this tale will lead to more discoveries or remain an isolated stroke of fortune, it has undoubtedly sparked a renewed enthusiasm among tramps and treasure hunters in County Limerick, each hoping to stumble upon their own extraordinary find.

Kerry News – Friday 02 October 1903