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Assault Case on Goold Estate: Meeting of Tenants |

Assault Case on Goold Estate: Meeting of Tenants

Yesterday, a meeting of tenants was held at the Athea schoolrooms’ on the Goold Estate in West Limerick. The meeting was primarily composed of tenants, with the exception of Mr E. W. White, a solicitor from Belfast who represented friends holding large tracts of land on the estate. The purpose of the meeting was to address an assault case involving Garrett Corridan and John Callaghan.

During the meeting, John Callaghan, the complainant, testified that on the night of August 8th, he encountered Corridan in town. While Callaghan continued on his way home, Corridan stayed behind to have a drink. Later, near the Nuns’ gate outside of town, Corridan and two others caught up with Callaghan. Corridan attempted to force Callaghan into a car, but he resisted. A scuffle ensued, and Callaghan even drew a knife to defend himself, pleading with Corridan not to take his life.

During cross-examination, it was revealed that Callaghan and Corridan had a previous altercation two years ago, which may have contributed to the incident. Callaghan’s brother was called as a witness and denied seeing Callaghan and Corridan together on the evening in question, casting doubt on Callaghan’s account.

The defence presented by Garrett Corridan’s supporters sought to challenge Callaghan’s credibility and motives. The District Inspector requested an adjournment of the case to allow the attendance of Head Constable Wilson, who had taken Callaghan’s deposition.

In addition to this assault case, the meeting addressed other matters concerning the Goold Estate and the tenants’ rights. It provided an opportunity for the tenants to voice their concerns and discuss possible actions to protect their interests.

The meeting concluded with the request for an adjournment, which was granted to accommodate the attendance of Head Constable Wilson. The outcome of the case and its implications for the tenants on the Goold Estate remained uncertain, leaving them eager for further developments.

Kerry News – Monday 31 August 1903

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