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Destructive Rain Storm Ravages West Limerick |

Destructive Rain Storm Ravages West Limerick

Abbeyfeale, Friday – The recent rain storm that swept through this region yesterday has shattered the hopes of farmers who were seeking an opportunity to salvage their crops, which have already suffered extensive damage over the past two months. Violent winds tore through the countryside, toppling hay stacks that were thought to be secure and scattering them in all directions. Adding to the devastation, heavy rains continue to pour down today, exacerbating the situation.

The River Feale and its tributaries have experienced significant flooding since yesterday morning. In the western areas, where the potato crop is abundant, a large portion is anticipated to be lost due to waterlogging. As for the oat crop, which had been harvested and stacked, it has been leveled by the sheer force of the gale. At one point, the storm threatened to escalate into a hurricane, echoing the intensity of the tempest witnessed last February.

The impact of the storm was felt severely in the town, where some buildings had their roofs partially torn off. Surrounding districts also endured the wrath of the tempest, witnessing structural damage and disruption. The relentless rainfall and strong winds have left the community grappling with the aftermath, as they assess the extent of the destruction and begin the daunting task of rebuilding.

Local authorities are working diligently to assist affected individuals and families, offering support and resources in the face of this calamity. Efforts are underway to assess the damage to crops, livestock, and infrastructure, and to initiate recovery measures. The community is banding together, demonstrating resilience and solidarity during this challenging time.

As the storm subsides and the process of recovery commences, the people of West Limerick will rely on their indomitable spirit and the assistance of neighboring communities to rebuild their lives and restore their once-thriving agricultural landscape.

Kerry News – Wednesday 16 September 1903

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