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"Limerick Chamber of Commerce Criticises Trade Union Policy, Calls for Broader Economic Perspectives" | Limerick Gazette Archives

“Limerick Chamber of Commerce Criticises Trade Union Policy, Calls for Broader Economic Perspectives”

During a recent meeting of the Limerick Chamber of Commerce, a significant discussion unfolded regarding certain policies implemented by local trade unions. The outcome of the deliberation was a unanimous passing of a resolution that expressed concern over what was perceived as a narrow and short-sighted approach taken by the trade societies in the city. The resolution emphasized the belief that such policies had the potential to impede the industrial progress of Limerick. The chamber called upon the working classes and the public at large to adopt broader and more public-spirited perspectives.

In light of this, questions were raised regarding when the Irish working class would have an opportunity to learn the principles of political economy. Additionally, the status of the Barrington lectureship was brought up, specifically inquiring whether Mr Charles Hubert Oldham, B.L., still held the position. It was suggested that a knowledgeable and capable individual be sent to deliver lectures on Irish economics, focusing on the principles of economics as they pertain to the economic condition of Ireland.

These inquiries highlight a growing desire for the dissemination of economic knowledge among the working class, with a specific emphasis on the unique economic challenges and circumstances faced by Ireland. By promoting a better understanding of economics, it is hoped that the working class can make informed decisions and actively contribute to the economic development and progress of the country.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 22 August 1903