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Limerick man Is New Governor Of Ceylon: Sir Henry Arthur Blake Appointed | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick man Is New Governor Of Ceylon: Sir Henry Arthur Blake Appointed

Sir Henry Arthur Blake, the former Governor of Hong Kong, has been appointed as the new Governor of Ceylon, replacing the Right Honorable Sir Joseph West Ridgeway, whose term of office is coming to an end. Born in Limerick on January 18th, 1840, Sir Henry Blake began his career as a cadet in the Irish Constabulary in 1859. He later served as a special resident magistrate in 1882.

Sir Henry Blake’s extensive experience in governance includes serving as the Governor of the Bahamas from 1884 to 1887 and holding the position of Governor of Newfoundland in 1837-8. In 1883, he was appointed to the role of Governor of Queensland, although he resigned before assuming office. In 1889, he was elected as the Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of Jamaica, a position he held until his appointment as Governor of Hong Kong in 1897.

With his appointment as the Governor of Ceylon, Sir Henry Blake brings a wealth of administrative expertise and a distinguished career in public service. His previous roles in various parts of the world demonstrate his ability to navigate diverse political and cultural landscapes. As Ceylon enters a new phase under his leadership, it is anticipated that Sir Henry Blake will contribute to the development and governance of the region.

The appointment of Sir Henry Blake as the new Governor of Ceylon marks a significant milestone in the history of the region. It is expected that his tenure will bring new perspectives and initiatives to address the challenges and opportunities facing Ceylon at this crucial time. The people of Ceylon eagerly await the arrival of their new Governor and look forward to the positive impact his leadership will have on the region.

Gloucester Citizen – Tuesday 01 September 1903