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"Special Court Of Limerick man Investigates Cattle Theft Case" |

“Special Court Of Limerick man Investigates Cattle Theft Case”

A special court convened in Cahirciveen, County Kerry, on a Saturday, with R.M. Thompson presiding, to investigate a charge leveled against Andrew Moynihan. Moynihan was accused of stealing three head of cattle belonging to a local individual. The alleged theft occurred during the Cahirciveen fair held on the 6th of the month.

Previously, Moynihan had been pursued by Hallissy, who tracked him to Limerick, where Moynihan was found in possession of twenty head of cattle. Hallissy identified his own cattle among the group, leading to Moynihan’s remand in custody and subsequent transfer back to Cahirciveen.

During the court proceedings, Mr James Shuel, a solicitor, and District Inspector Long appeared on behalf of the prosecution. Sergeant Hickswell of Patrickswell, County Limerick, provided crucial testimony. He recounted that based on received information, he and Constable Steele proceeded to Knockadisheen, where they encountered Moynihan with twenty cattle, including bullocks and heifers. Moynihan claimed to have purchased them at the Cahirciveen fair, citing a blue mark as their only distinguishing feature.

Upon closer examination, Sergeant Hickswell noticed markings on the right thigh of three of the cattle, consisting of two bullocks and one heifer. Subsequently, Moynihan was arrested on charges of possessing the stolen livestock.

The court session allowed for the presentation of evidence and statements, shedding light on the alleged theft and subsequent arrest. Further legal proceedings and investigations will likely follow to determine the rightful ownership of the cattle and ascertain Moynihan’s culpability in the case.

Kerry News – Wednesday 26 August 1903

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