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Station Master Mr Casey's Critical Condition Following Recent North Kerry Railway Accident |

Station Master Mr Casey’s Critical Condition Following Recent North Kerry Railway Accident

In a tragic incident on the North Kerry Railway, Mr Casey, the dedicated station-master at Barna on the Limerick and Tralee Railway, sustained severe injuries that have left him in an extremely precarious state at Newcastle West Infirmary. Approximately three weeks ago, while in the midst of handing the blocking staff to the train driver, he accidentally slipped and fell between the platform and the moving train. Both of his legs were fractured and mangled before the train could be brought to a halt.

Medical professionals who attended to Mr Casey immediately after the accident deemed it unsafe to proceed with an operation, and thus he remains in his current condition. Unfortunately, the prospects of his recovery are grim, with the latest updates indicating a gradual deterioration in his health. This distressing occurrence is further compounded by the fact that Mr Casey is a married man and the father of ten children, amplifying the sadness surrounding this regrettable event.

The community is deeply saddened by the incident and has rallied together to offer support and prayers for Mr Casey and his family during this difficult time. His dedication and commitment as a station-master have earned him respect and admiration from both colleagues and passengers alike. The news of his critical condition has cast a sombre mood over the railway community, as they anxiously await any signs of improvement in his condition.

Efforts are being made to extend assistance to Mr Casey’s family, providing them with the necessary support and resources to cope with the challenges they now face. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in the railway industry and the need for constant vigilance to ensure the safety of all personnel.

As the community waits for updates on Mr Casey’s condition, their thoughts and prayers remain with him and his loved ones. The hope for his recovery lingers, albeit dimly, as the community stands united in support and compassion during this heartbreaking time.

Kerry News – Wednesday 23 September 1903

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