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"Anglo-Celtic": A Word to Unite the English-Speaking Races |

“Anglo-Celtic”: A Word to Unite the English-Speaking Races

During a banquet held in Limerick to honour Mr Andrew Carnegie, who generously donated £7,000 for the establishment of a new free library in the town, Judge Adams addressed an important matter regarding the terminology used to describe the Irish people. He conveyed to Mr Carnegie that the Irish resented being labeled as “Anglo-Saxon” and proposed the term “Anglo-Celtic” instead. To the delight of the attendees, Mr Carnegie pledged to adopt this new designation in the future.

As the evening came to a close, Mr Carnegie expressed his profound gratitude to Judge Adams for introducing the term “Anglo-Celtic.” He recognized its significance, remarking that it was a word worth millions. The term encompassed not only the English but also the Scottish and Irish, effectively uniting the diverse English-speaking races under a common banner.

The adoption of “Anglo-Celtic” as a descriptor carries immense potential for fostering unity among the English-speaking nations. By recognizing and embracing the rich cultural heritage of the Celtic nations alongside the English influence, this term has the power to bridge divides and cultivate a sense of shared identity.

Mr Carnegie’s endorsement of “Anglo-Celtic” signifies his belief in the importance of inclusivity and collabouration among these nations. It underscores his vision of a united front where the English-speaking races work together, appreciating their shared language and cultural heritage.

The introduction of this term sparks a new dialogue and paves the way for deeper understanding and cooperation. It encourages a sense of common purpose and fosters a climate of respect and appreciation for the contributions and traditions of all English-speaking peoples.

The concept of “Anglo-Celtic” serves as a powerful reminder that unity and solidarity can be achieved when diverse cultures come together with mutual respect and a shared commitment to progress. It is a word that carries the potential to shape the future of the English-speaking world, promoting harmony, cooperation, and the celebration of cultural diversity.

As the notion of “Anglo-Celtic” gains traction, it has the capacity to transcend borders and foster a sense of kinship among the English, Scottish, and Irish communities. This linguistic innovation may well become a cornerstone in the ongoing quest for unity and collabouration among the English-speaking races, ushering in a new era of mutual understanding and shared aspirations.

Morning Leader – Thursday 22 October 1903

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