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Larceny Case Between Limerick And Tralee Unfolds: Clever Arrest Made |

Larceny Case Between Limerick And Tralee Unfolds: Clever Arrest Made

Tralee – A case of larceny unfolded in Tralee on Wednesday, resulting in a clever arrest by the local authorities. The incident involved Con McCarthy, a resident of Leith, who had received a sum of £9 18s from Mr R.D. Murphy, an auctioneer, as payment for meadowing. However, McCarthy, who had stayed overnight at William Heflernan’s residence while under the influence of alcohol, discovered the next morning that he had only £7 left, £2 18s less than the amount he had received.

Throughout the day, McCarthy was seen in the company of John McCormack, Michael Collins of Glognacantha, Michael Whelan, and Michael Power, known individuals in the town. Whelan was known for his gambling activities, while Power had a questionable reputation.

At around ten o’clock, Power, Whelan, and McCarthy entered the kitchen of Mrs. Dunn’s house on Castle Street. It was there that Power allegedly relieved McCarthy of approximately £6 10s. McCarthy, who was intoxicated at the time, had already spent the remaining ten shillings. The incident was promptly reported to the police, leading to McCarthy’s arrest for public drunkenness.

Both Whelan and Mahony were also apprehended initially, but Mahony was later released due to lack of evidence against him. As it was discovered that Power had left town, Head Constable Lavan sent out a wire to surrounding districts, resulting in Power’s arrest in Limerick that same night at 10 o’clock. Authorities found nearly £6 in his possession. Power was subsequently brought back to Tralee on Thursday, along with Whelan, and both were remanded to the next Tralee Petty Sessions.

The arrest of Michael Power and the recovery of a significant portion of the stolen money provide a positive development in the case. The local authorities are commended for their diligent efforts in apprehending the suspect and ensuring that justice is served. The investigation into the larceny incident continues, and further details are awaited as the legal proceedings progress.

Kerry News – Friday 09 October 1903

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