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Limerick Chamber of Commerce Renews Opposition to Subsidy for Clyde Shipping Company's Services on Kerry Coast | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Chamber of Commerce Renews Opposition to Subsidy for Clyde Shipping Company’s Services on Kerry Coast

Limerick, Ireland – The Limerick Chamber of Commerce has recently passed a resolution, reaffirming its opposition to the subsidy provided by the Irish Congested Districts Board to the Clyde Shipping Company for its services along the Kerry coast.

During a chamber meeting, the resolution was adopted in response to concerns raised by local businesses and stakeholders who believe that the subsidy unfairly advantages the Clyde Shipping Company, a prominent maritime service provider, while potentially disadvantaging other competitors. The chamber has consistently advocated for fair and equitable competition within the coastal services sector of the region.

Numerous chamber members expressed their apprehensions during the meeting, citing the potential adverse effects the subsidy could have on local businesses already grappling with the challenges of a difficult economic climate. They argue that such financial support distorts the market and undermines the principles of free enterprise.

The Limerick Chamber of Commerce is determined to continue its efforts to promote a level playing field. They plan to actively engage with relevant authorities and organizations to address their concerns effectively. Collabourating with other business associations along the Kerry coast, the chamber aims to amplify its message and gather broader support.

The passage of this resolution sends a strong message that the Limerick Chamber of Commerce remains steadfast in its commitment to champion fair business practices and foster a competitive business environment that benefits all stakeholders in the region.