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Limerick Union Board of Guardians Awards Contract for Workhouse Renovations |

Limerick Union Board of Guardians Awards Contract for Workhouse Renovations

Limerick, Ireland – The Limerick Union Board of Guardians has announced the awarding of a new contract for renovations at the Limerick Union Workhouse. The contract, known as Contract No. 5, was signed earlier today and entails comprehensive upgrades and additions to the workhouse facilities.

Under the terms of the contract, the selected contractor will be responsible for supplying and installing various equipment and appliances, including a steam-powered laundry system, a state-of-the-art disinfector, boilers, engines, piping, shafting, and mountings. The aim of these renovations is to modernize the workhouse infrastructure and improve the overall efficiency of operations.

Interested parties had the opportunity to view the plans and specifications for the project, which were available for examination at the Union Clerk’s office. Lithographed copies of the specifications were also made available for purchase at the Union upon payment of one guinea.

The Limerick Union Board of Guardians is committed to ensuring that the workhouse meets the necessary standards and provides adequate facilities for its residents. This contract marks a significant step towards achieving that goal.

The chosen contractor will now commence work on the project, and it is expected that the renovations will be completed within the designated timeframe. The Limerick Union Workhouse will soon benefit from modernized facilities and improved amenities, enhancing the quality of care and support provided to its occupants.

Manchester Courier – Wednesday 04 November 1903

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