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Miraculous Transparent Soap For Glin Co. Limerick Boy |

Miraculous Transparent Soap For Glin Co. Limerick Boy

Glin, Co. Limerick, Ireland


Some months ago, I purchased a box of your esteemed product, the Cleaver & Co. Soap, in a neighboring town of Tarbert. I have been using this soap myself and recently encountered a remarkable improvement in a persistent rash that appeared on the face and neck of my ten-year-old child. The rash had been a cause for concern as it worsened over time.

I am pleased to inform you that shortly after using your soap, a noticeable and visible change took place. The rash began to fade, and within a short period, it completely disappeared, leaving no trace of the previous disfigurement. I am grateful for the positive results achieved through the use of your excellent product.

I felt compelled to share this testimony to express my satisfaction and gratitude. I hope my words serve as a testament to the effectiveness of Cleaver & Co. Soap in improving skin conditions and complexions.


Exeter and Plymouth Gazette – Thursday 05 November 1903

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