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"Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie to Bring Free Libraries to Cork, Limerick, and Waterford, Receives Honorary Freedom" | Limerick Gazette Archives

“Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie to Bring Free Libraries to Cork, Limerick, and Waterford, Receives Honorary Freedom”

Mr Andrew Carnegie, the renowned philanthropist and advocate of education, is set to visit Ireland in late October to bestow his generous gift of free libraries upon the cities of Cork, Limerick, and Waterford. The occasion will be marked by granting him the freedom of these three cities, recognizing his significant contributions to their cultural and intellectual development.

Of particular significance will be the ceremony in Limerick, where Mr Carnegie has pledged a grant of £7,000 towards the construction of a new library. This substantial contribution will play a vital role in providing the citizens of Limerick with access to knowledge, literature, and the transformative power of education. To mark this momentous occasion, Mr Carnegie has graciously agreed to lay the foundation stone of the new library, symbolizing the enduring impact his philanthropy will have on the community.

During his visit, Mr Carnegie will be honoured and welcomed by the Mayor and Corporation of Limerick, who will host a public banquet in his honour. This celebratory gathering will not only acknowledge his extraordinary generosity but also provide an opportunity for the local community to express their gratitude and appreciation for his invaluable support.

The arrival of Mr Carnegie in Ireland represents a significant milestone for the cities of Cork, Limerick, and Waterford, as they join the ranks of numerous other communities worldwide that have benefited from his philanthropic endeavours. His vision of providing free libraries, accessible to all, serves as a testament to the belief that education is a fundamental right and a catalyst for positive social change.

As the visit draws near, anticipation grows among the citizens of Cork, Limerick, and Waterford, who eagerly await the opportunity to express their heartfelt thanks to Mr Carnegie and witness the beginning of a new chapter in their cities’ cultural and educational landscape. The impact of these free libraries will undoubtedly be felt for generations to come, fostering a love for learning and creating opportunities for personal growth and community enrichment.

Mr Andrew Carnegie’s dedication to improving access to knowledge and education is a shining example of philanthropy, and his visit to Ireland will undoubtedly be a momentous occasion, highlighting the transformative power of generosity and the lasting legacy it leaves behind.

Gentlewoman – Saturday 03 October 1903